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NSC review completed 

Approved For Release 2009/03/20 : CIA-RDP79-00107A0001 00030033-4 



'-5.4 ' / £ // 

JUL ' c -'63 



The Vice President 
The Secretary o£ State 
The- Secretary oi Deiense 
The Secretary of the Treasury 
The Attorney Genera; 

The Director of Central Intelligence 
The Director, U. S. mfo: .nation Agency 
The Administrator, National Aeronautics ana 
Space Administration 
The Chairman, Federal Communications 

The Administrator, Federal Aviation Agency 
The Administrator of General Services 
The Director, Bureau of the Budget 
The Director, Office of Emergency Planning 
The Director, Office of Science and Technology 
The Director of Telecommunications Management 


Establishment of the National Communications Sys.em 

C , ncep. t and Objectives 

furtherance of the general obj.ctiv.. staged ^01 

dated October 26, 1962, a National Cornmurncat.oM by stem ( 1 d _ 

be established and developed by Itnkmg together >mp 8- n(s 

~ “ evolutionary basts the „ra„ 6 cments set 

Ol me various - ^ established in this memoran- 

the various Federal agencies, 
forth in NS AM 201 are supers 

• e objective of the NCS will be to provide necessary co ™™f lca_ 

* the Federal Government under all conditions ranging fro 

tions tor the federal uo ■ d international crises, in- 

situation to nauonal .^..anc.e.^d ^ ^ to b(5 


Documeft* ^ 
of M, 
a ate i mined 


responsive to 

o decti 
of CIA 

cucrem vuil oe £ 

nUClea ” variety of nlds- of the national conunand and user agenctes 

ter CIA to* obi 86 " on \ d £ ass 
^ n ob « 0 f in 8 tte ■ 0 . C> 

U iafetsd Bat 

a ' TS 

a fx tv, 


H j fjhfiif ' 

, m 

en i a iu* ycthlne Of OiA inlsres' 


n St centals r 

Rav,awe 1 

Document No. _ 

Review of this document by CIA hai 
determined that 

□ CU has nu tb'etlion to declass 

□ ft 'Chains infrrmaiion of CIA 

intrust nnis! remain 
clarified at TS S C 

Authority; HR 70-2 

L ; II contains nothing of CIA interest 
fate Reviewer 

25 X 1 

Approved For Release 2009/03/20 : CIA-RDP79-00107A0001 00030033-4 

V / 

- Approved For Release 2009/03/20 : CIA-RDP79-00107A0001 00030033-4 

- 2 - 


and bo capable of meeting priority requirements under emergency or 
war conditions through use of reserve capacity and additional private 
facilities. The NCS will also provide the necessary comoinations_of 
hardness, mobility, and circuit r ednndl5H7"tb obtain survivaM^y of 

essential c omm unications i n all circums tances. 

Initial emphasis in developing the NCS will be on meeting the 
most critical ne'eds for communications in national security Programs, 
oartirularly to overseas areas. As rapidly as is consistent witn 

- , t - , . -ritical needs, other Government needs will be examined and 
satisfied, as warranted, in the context of the NCS The extent .an 
character of the system require careiul consideration m light of the 
priorities of need, the benefits to be obtained, and the costs involved. 

Although no complete definition of the NCS can be made in advance 
of desxt studies and evolution in practice, it is generally conceived that 
s o NCS would be comprised primarily of the long haul, point-. o -point, 
trunk communications which can serve one or more agencies. 

The President has directed the following organisational arrange - 
meats relating to the establishment and effective operation of Lie NCS. 

Executive Office Responsibilities 

in carrying cat hi. function, pursuant 
and 10995 and under DolicY taioea ^ j M _ j S ^ ae - 

J> ConnntnusatUKlUL^iSSSrto this capacity, 

iiiU-nicauuns and sh.all: 

a. Advise with respect to communication requirements 

. . u . nT , nlied through the NCS: the responsibilities of the 

L° encies in implementing and utilizing the N ^ ^ § nTfo r 
to' be "iven to the Secretary o_f _De^n*e as Executive A^gfft tor 

, ith aspect to the d^I^i and operation of the nCS, 

tne NCS wiui rcspuut. , Ktr thp Executive 

and the adequacy of system designs eve P condi- 

rV’Cnt to provide, on a priority basts and under varytn , oond 

lions of emergency, communications to tne users o 

■U A - id 


•ft.* kfuH 

Approved For Release 2009/03/20 : CIA-RDP79-00107A0001 00030033-4 

Approved For Release 2009/03/20 

CIA-RDP79-00107A0001 00030033-4 

>-4 7 / o- 



b. Identify those requirements unique to the needs 
of the Presidency. 

c. Formulate and issue to the Executive Agent guidance 
as to the relative priorities of requirements. 

d. Exercise review and surveillance of actions to insure 
compliance with policy determinations and guidance. 

e. Ensure that there is adequate planning to meet future 
needs of the NCS. 

f. Assist the President with respect to his coordinating 
and other functions under the Communications Satellite Act 
of 1962 as may be specified by Executive Order or otherwise. 

In performing these functions, the Special Assistant to the 
President for Telecommunications will work closely with the Special ■ 
Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs; he will con- 
sult with the Director of the Office of Science and Technology and the 
Director of the Bureau of the Budget, as appropriate; will establish 
arrangements for inter-agency consultation to ensure that the NCS 
will meet the essential needs of all Government agencies; and will be 
responsible for carrying on the work of the Subcommittee on Communi- 
cations of the Executive Committee of the National Security Council 
which is hereby abolished. In addition to staff regularly assigned, he 
is authorized to arrange for the assignment of communications and other 
specialists from any agency by detail or temporary assignment. 

Th e Bur eau o f the Budget, in consultation with the_Spec i al Assistan t 
to the P resident for Telecommunications, the Executive Agen t and the 
Administrator of General Services, will prescribe general guidelines and 
proce dure s for reviewing the financing of the NCS within the budgetary ~ 
process and for preparation of^i3g^t“eslimates' by th e“pSr ttttptting agencies 

Executive Agent Responsibilities 

To obtain the benefits of unified technical planning and operations, 
a single Executive Agent for the NCS is necessary. The President has 

Approved For Release 2009/03/20 : CIA-RDP79-00107A0001 00030033-4 

Approved For Release 2009/03/20 : CIA-RDP79-00107A0001 00030033-4 



designated the Secretary of Defense to serve in this capacity. He shall: 

a. Design, for the approval of the President, the NCS, 
talcing into consideration the communication needs and resources 
of all Federal agencies. 

b. Develop plans for fulfilling approved requirements and 
priority determinations, and recommend assignments of imple- 
mentation responsibilities to user agencies. 

c. Assist the user agencies and the General Services 
Administrator with respect to the Federal Telecommunications 
System to accomplish their respective undertakings in the 
development and operation of the system. 

d. Allocate, reallocate, and arrange for restoration of 
communications facilities to authorized users based on approved 
requirements and priorities. 

e. Develop operational plans and provide operational 
vui dance with respect to all elements of the NCS, including 
7l) the prescription of standards and practices as to operation, 
maintenance, and installation; (2) the maintenance of necessary _ 
records to ensure effective utilization of the NCS; (3) the request 
of assignment of radio frequencies for the NCS; (4) the moni- 
toring of frequency utilization; and (5) the exercise and test of 
system effectiveness. 

f Within general policy guidance, carry on long range 
planning to ensure tlie NCS meets future Government needs, 
especially in the national security area, and conduct and co- 
ordinate research and development in support of tne NCS m 
ensure that the NCS reflects advancements in the art ox commum- 


within the framework of tire NCS. the Executive Agent winproWde 
£o- the requirements for survivuble communications of the President and 
civilian agencies. A statement of such requirements is set foith in 

r the Task Group on Survivable Communications Requirements 
tid^Civii headers, dated August 30. 1961 which is 

approved for planning purposes. 

Approved For Release 2009/03/20 : CIA-RDP79-00107A000100030033-4 

Approved For Release 2009/03/20 : CIA-RDP79-00107A0001 00030033-4 e -j 

W 4 ■ V ~ 

-5- W 


The Secretary of Defense may delegate these functions within 
the Department of Defense subject at all times to his direction, authority, 
and control. In carrying out his responsibilities for design, develop- 
ment and operation of the NCS, the Secretary will make appropriate 
arrangements for participation of staff of other agencies. 

Responsibilities of the Administrator of General Services 

The Federal Telecommunica tions System , established wi th the 
approval of the President under authority of the Federal Property a nd ^ 
Admi nistrative Services Act of 1949, as amend ed, to p rovide com.muni -_ 
cations services to certain age ncies in th e Fifty States, the Com m onwealth 
of Puert o Rico and the Virgin Islands , shall be a part of the NCS and 
shall be implemented and developed in accordance with approved plans 
and policies developed pur suant to this memorandum. The Executive Agent 
and the Administrator of General Services shall be responsible for estab- 
lishing arrangements to avoid duplication in requests for cost, traffic, and 
other information needed from agencies served by the FTS. 

Nothing contained herein shall affect the responsibilities of the 
Administrator of General Services under the Federal Property and Admiiv- 
istrative Services Act of 1949, as amended, with respect to the repre- 
sentation of agencies in negotiations with carriers and in proceedings 
before Federal and state regulatory bodies; prescription of policies and 
methods of procurement; and the procurement either directly or by dele- 
gation of authority to other agencies of public utility communications 
service s. 

Responsibilities of Other Agencies 

All agencies are directed by the President to cooperate vrxth and. 
assist the Special Assistant to the President for Telecommunications,*., 
the Executive Agent, and the Administrator of General Services in the ^ 
performance of the functions set forth above. 

i ' *3 

Me George Bundy 



Approved For Release 2009/03/20 : CIA-RDP79-00107A0001 00030033-4 

30030033-4 Z® 2 ' / ' i 

Approved For Release 2009/03/20 : CIA-RDP79-00107A0001 00030033-4 


July 12, 1963 


dated July 11, 1963 

The President has directed that on an interim basis 
his Special Assistant for Science and Technology 
shall perform the functions assigned to the Special 
Assistant for Telecommunication provided for in 
NSAM 252 concerning the establishment of a 
National Communications System. 

McGeorge Bundy 

Approved For Release 2009/03/20 : CIA-RDP79-00107A0001 00030033-4